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Personal Assistant 1778TN Carmarthenshire County Council
Lleoliad: Sir Gaerfyrddin
£10.50 yr awr/ Rhan Amser

7hrs per week £10.50 per hour Llanelli area.

21 year old man who is a wheelchair user and has Spina Bifida. As a result he uses a wheelchair, double incontinence and a learning impairment.
A responsible, active and fun PA is required to support and mentor the employer and ensure he can access his community and participate in activities of interest to him.
He enjoys You Tube, Instagram etc. He likes music and the cinema.

This position was posted by the Direct Payments Support service on behalf of the Direct Payment Recipient. The Direct Payment Recipient is the employer. They hold all the employer’s responsibilities associated with this role. Carmarthenshire County Council supports them to fulfil their employer obligations.