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Personal Assistant 2318 NS Carmarthenshire County Council
Lleoliad: Sir Gaerfyrddin
£10.40 yr awr/ Rhan Amser

Hours: 16 Hours Per Week
Llanmiloe Carmarthenshire
Job Reference Number: 2318

Job Purpose:
To provide the best possible care and support to ensure that the person receiving the direct payment achieves their well-being outcomes as identified in their care plan. To support them to live as independently as possible.

About the Employer
I am seeking a Personal Care Assistant (female or male over the age of 25) for help 16 hours per week as a covering morning/evening/daytime shifts as required in the Pendine area. I am in my late 50s and am wheelchair-bound with a rare neurological condition called Browns-Sequard Syndrome. My son currently lives with me but, works full-time from Monday to Friday.

Some of the basic responsibilities of the PA include: meal preparation, transfers from chair to chair/bed, assistance with showering and toileting, dressing/undressing, administrative tasks, and outings in the mobility car for medical appointments and social enjoyment!

*For insurance purposes the successful applicant must be over 25 and possess a full, clean driving license in order to be able to drive the mobility car.

Tastes similar to my own would be an advantage: I enjoy conversation (particularly over coffee and biscuits), film, and TV especially documentaries. I also enjoy being ‘out and about’ when my body allows.

An important point to note: I have two small dogs, so a dog lover would be great.
A genuine work ethic, empathy, common sense, and a good sense of humour is essential.

Principal duties and responsibilities:

1. Providing for the personal care needs of the employer, such as washing and toileting
2. Supporting the employer with encouragement in gaining independence
3. Enabling the employer to interact socially in their community
4. Providing support to the employer whilst shopping and attending activities of interest
5. Supporting the employer to develop independent living skills
6. To provide companionship in the employer’s home, including engaging in conversation with the employer and providing them with social interaction
7. Encouraging the employer to attend appointments
8. Ensuring the employer’s safety at all times during your working hours
9. To carry out any other reasonable tasks that are requested by the employer during your working hours
10. To ensure compliance with Data Protection Act.
11. Be mindful of safeguarding issues, and feedback any concerns to Carmarthenshire County Council immediately on (01267 228751)
12. Be responsible for contacting the GP, Social Worker or Local Authority should the employer need medical assistance.

Relationships: Communication / Nature of Contacts:
1. Ability to develop supportive and caring relationship with employer.
2. To undertake all duties in a friendly and helpful manner.
3. Able to contact people on behalf of the employer when necessary.
Job Working Environment:
Working in employer’s homes and supporting them to access facilities and community activities.

Person specification – Qualifications, Knowledge, Experience & Skills:
1. Caring, patient and friendly.
2. Responsible, reliable and honest.
3. Proactive and self-motivated with the ability to work on own initiative.
4. Has good local knowledge of the area where the employer lives.
5. Good time-keeping and flexibility around working patterns and duties as determined by the employer’s requirements.
6. Ability to keep simple records such as time recording.
7. Good communicator able to talk to people on behalf of the employer when required.
8. Able to develop long-term supportive and consistent relationships with employers.
9. The applicant must be aged over 25 and possess a full, clean driving licence in order to be able to drive the employer’s mobility car.
10. You must be prepared to have business use on your vehicle insurance to be able to use the vehicle within work hours
11. Be prepared to undergo training in order to best meet the employers need.

Disclosure Barring Service (DBS)
A Disclosure Barring Service Check (DBS) / criminal record check will be required to be undertaken for this post. This will be completed on acceptance of job offer.

This position was posted by the Direct Payments Support service on behalf of the Direct Payment Recipient. The Direct Payment Recipient is the employer. They hold all the employer’s responsibilities associated with this role. Carmarthenshire County Council supports them to fulfil their employer obligations.