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Personal Assistant 2320NS Carmarthenshire County Council
Lleoliad: Sir Gaerfyrddin
Rhan Amser

A PA is required for a 10 year old boy who has Autism with a demand avoidance profile. He has a poor sense of risk and danger and needs constant supervision around roads. He has some sensory sensitivity in crowded spaces.
He likes to go out into nature and enjoys parks and the beach. He enjoys the pool but, as yet, cannot swim but has no fear of water.
The successful PA will be required to be a Mentor to the little boy and support him to be as independent as possible. It should be noted that whilst keeping him safe at all times the successful PA should support this little boy to make decisions, teach him living skills such as the use of money, using public transport, stranger danger, making simple meals, good food nutrition and opportunities for new experiences and places of interest.
Knowledge and experience of working with Autistic children would be an advantage.
This position was posted by the Direct Payments Support service on behalf of the Direct Payment Recipient. The Direct Payment Recipient is the employer. They hold all the employer’s responsibilities associated with this role. Carmarthenshire County Council supports them to fulfil their employer obligations.