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Rehabilitation Officer for People with Sensory Loss Powys County Council
Lleoliad: TBC, Powys

The Rehabilitation Officer for People with Sensory Loss for visual impairment, deafblind, hearing loss (ROSL) is the only specially trained professional who is qualified to both assess for and provide rehabilitative input for single or dual sensory impaired people of all ages including children. In addition the Rehabilitation Officer will provide a consultative service regarding single or dual loss to all departments of the Local Authority, including education and all Social Care Teams, as well as the Health Authority (both primary and secondary), including Ophthalmology, Optometry, audiology and GP services.

The work of the ROSL is always in line with both national and local social care legislation and policies and clearly adheres to the local assessment and recording policies of the local authority.

Mewngofnodwch i wneud cais am y swydd hon